Whole-body vibration in the reduction of the cellulite.

Cristovam DN, Botelho S, Andrade MF, Marques J, Sousa L

PMID: 30300017
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Evaluate the effects of the whole body vibration in improving of cellulite in the women’s gluteal region.
Controlled clinical trial performed with 42 women, with cellulite in the gluteal region, detected by means of clinical examination. After evaluation, the women were divided into two groups: Whole-Body Vibration (WBV_G) and control (C_G). The evaluations were performed at the beginning and the end of 10 sessions and superficial skin temperature, perimetry in the gluteal region, analysis of body contouring, analysis of improvement by blind reviewers and instrument of satisfaction, by numeric scale were investigated.
In the thermographic analysis, the WBV_G obtained significant increase of superficial skin temperature on the right (p = 0.02) and left (p = 0.02) gluteal region. There was no difference in intra- and intergroups in perimetry and the analysis of body contour. The WBV_G obtained a higher percentage of improvement by assessment of the blind reviewers (p = 0.003) and greater aesthetics satisfaction (p = 0.006), when compared to C_G.
WBV provided an improvement in the aspect of the cellulite when assessed by blind reviewers and greater participants’ satisfaction, providing a significant increase in the superficial skin temperature in the gluteal region.

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