About us

About us

Social media are now widely recognized as an indispensable tool for continuous professional development (CPD).
“To really get the most out of using social media CPD you need to be curious: seek out new connections, explore new information, and be open to different perspectives.”(Naomi McVey and Helen Owen).
EPAdb it’s all about that: an open mind place to seek and explore information and professional connetcions.
In EPAdb.com you can search save and share Physical Agents bibliographic references to support building your Evidence-base practice in physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
We intend to help professionals answering questions of everyday life such as: “what kind of evidence do we have about the treatment of pain with TENS in patients with osteoarthritis?”. 

EPAdb is a free and ready to use project, but registered users can get many benefits:

Although our business model is similar to that of a non-profit institution, we have, like any other company, costs associated with the services we provide. So, to cover these expenses we rely on subscriptions and advertising. However, the companies that advertise on EPAdb do not have any interference in our editorial criteria.

As a work in progress we are constantly thinking about new features to improve our service, so feel free to send us your suggestions.

Luís Eva-Ferreira 

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