Evaluation of factors influencing the quality and efficacy of ultrasound and phonophoresis treatment.

Goraj-Szczypiorowska B, Zajac L, Skalska-Izdebska R

PMID: 18026065
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The first attempts at using ultrasound acoustic waves to aid the penetration of drugs into the skin tissue were made in the 1950’s. Despite a wide usage of phonophoresis in physical therapy cabinets, doubts persist as to the relevance and efficacy of this method. Despite its popularity, the issue of conditions underlying the efficacy of phonophoresis treatment has still not been adequately addressed. Particular areas of interest include:1. treatment parameters to be followed in physical therapy. 2. appropriate dosage forms of drugs to ensure propagation of ultrasound waves 3. principles of omoeostasis and other physiological processes which play a decisive role in achieving the biological and therapeutic effects of ultrasound therapy.4. indications and contraindications to this kind of treatment The dearth of objective research methods and reliable scientific verification does not allow unambiguous determination of the efficacy of phonophoresis.

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