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Improving Access to and Usability of Systematic Review Data for Health Systems Guidelines Development

Evidence presented in systematic reviews informs the development of healthcare practice, guidelines, and policy. The inherent complexity and quantity of data in systemic reviews may impede understanding and use in decision processes, but little evidence exists on transforming large volumes of these data into accessible formats for end users. The...

PMID: 31013017

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Comparison of high-intensity laser therapy and combination of transcutaneous nerve stimulation and ultrasound treatment in patients with chronic lumbar radiculopathy: A randomized single-blind study.

Kolu E, Buyukavci R, Akturk S, Eren F, Ersoy Y

To compare the effects of high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) and a combination of transcutaneous nerve stimulation (TENS) with ultrasound (US) therapy on pain and functionality in patients with chronic lumbar radiculopathy. This prospective randomized comparative study was conducted in Department of physical medicine and rehabilitation, Turgut Ozal Medicine Center, Malatya,...

PMID: 30034410

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Daytime sleepiness, functionality, and stress levels in chronic neck pain and effects of physical medicine and rehabilitation therapies on these situations.

Sayilir S

To evaluate the relationship between symptom severity, daytime sleepiness, and perceived stress levels and the impact of physical medicine & rehabilitation (PMR) therapies on these situations in chronic neck pain (CNP) conditions. The study included 54 patients with CNP and 20 healthy control individuals. Patients with CNP were divided into...

PMID: 30859166

Influence of Age and Body Mass Index on Total and Segmental Colonic Transit Times in Constipated Subjects.

Bouchoucha M, Fysekidis M, Rompteaux P, Airinei G, Sabate JM, Benamouzig R

Discordant data are found in the literature for the relationships between total and segmental colonic transit time (CTT) and demographic parameters. The aim of this study is to examine the influence of age, and body mass index (BMI) on total and segmental CTT in constipated subjects.We included 354 constipated patients...

PMID: 30982242

Evaluation of the effect of a toothpaste containing Pudilan extract on inhibiting plaques and reducing chronic gingivitis: A randomized, double-blinded, parallel controlled clinical trial.

Cheng L, Liu W, Zhang T, Xu T, Su YX, Yuan B, Yang YM, Hu T

Pudilan is a famous traditional Chinese medicine compound which contains several Chinese herbal ingredients, is wildly used to treat a variety of inflammatory diseases in China. Recently, it was reported that Pudilan extract had been used in the oral field, especially in the treat of minor oral ulcers for its...

PMID: 30980892

Determination of mechanical and rheological properties of a cell-loaded peptide gel during ECM production.

Barreto-Henriksson H, Llorente M, Larsson A, Brisby H, Gold J, Schuster E, Ström A

The development of an injectable biomaterial that supports cell survival and maintains or promotes nucleus pulposus (NP) phenotype could aid delivery of cells to degenerated NPs causing low back pain. Mesenchymal cells were loaded and grown in a synthetic peptide gel, PuraMatrix®. Cells were observed within the gels over 0-28...

PMID: 30980887

Opioid overdose deaths and potentially inappropriate opioid prescribing practices (PIP): A spatial epidemiological study.

Stopka TJ, Amaravadi H, Kaplan AR, Hoh R, Bernson D, Chui KKH, Land T, Walley AY, LaRochelle MR, Rose AJ

Opioid overdose deaths quintupled in Massachusetts between 2000 and 2016. Potentially inappropriate opioid prescribing practices (PIP) are associated with increases in overdoses. The purpose of this study was to conduct spatial epidemiological analyses of novel comprehensively linked data to identify overdose and PIP hotspots.Sixteen administrative datasets, including prescription monitoring, medical...

PMID: 30981166

Tibialis posterior muscle pain effects on hip, knee and ankle gait mechanics.

Simonsen MB, Yurtsever A, Næsborg-Andersen K, Leutscher PDC, Hørslev-Petersen K, Andersen MS, Hirata RP

Tibialis posterior (TP) dysfunction is a common painful complication in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which can lead to the collapse of the medial longitudinal arch. Different theories have been developed to explain the causality of tibialis posterior dysfunction. In all these theories, pain is a central factor, and yet,...

PMID: 30981150

MiR-204 reduces cisplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer through suppression of the caveolin-1/AKT/Bad pathway.

Huang G, Lou T, Pan J, Ye Z, Yin Z, Li L, Cheng W, Cao Z

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the most common and lethal human malignant tumor worldwide. Platinum-based chemotherapy is still the mainstay of treatment for NSCLC. However, long-term chemotherapy usually induces serious drug resistance in NSCLC cells. Accordingly, treatment strategies that reverse the resistance of NSCLC cells against platinum-based drugs may...

PMID: 30981205

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