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Multi-Sensorimotor Training Improves Proprioception and Balance in Subacute Stroke Patients: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial.

Lim C

The objective was to determine whether advanced rehabilitation therapy combined with conventional rehabilitation therapy consisting of sensorimotor exercises would be superior to usual treadmill training for proprioception variation and balance ability in subacute stroke patients. Thirty subjects (post-stroke time period: 3.96 ± 1.19 months) were randomly assigned to either a...

PMID: 30881333

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Lokomat guided gait in hemiparetic stroke patients: the effects of training parameters on muscle activity and temporal symmetry.

van Kammen K, Boonstra AM, van der Woude LHV, Visscher C, Reinders-Messelink HA, den Otter R

The Lokomat is a commercially available robotic gait trainer, applied for gait rehabilitation in post-stroke hemiparetic patients. Selective and well-dosed clinical use of the Lokomat training parameters, i.e. guidance, speed and bodyweight support, requires a good understanding of how these parameters affect the neuromuscular control of post-stroke hemiparetic gait. Ten...

PMID: 30973764

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Higher fat oxidation during treadmill walking versus cycle ergometry in active women at equal RPE: a pilot study.

King L, Sillers W, McCarthy K, Louis P, Astorino TA

Muscle degrades fat and carbohydrate (CHO) during exercise to meet the demand for ATP. Factors including exercise intensity/duration and fitness level are recognized as primary determinants of the relative contribution of these macronutrients to substrate metabolism, although exercise mode has also been identified. The aim of this study was to...

PMID: 26329837

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